• A leader in the field of
    offshore wind power and marine energy services
    Marine Information Technology Corp
  • A leader in the field of
    marine survey and license/permit services
    Marine Information Technology Corp
  • A leader in the field of
    remote sensing and spatial information services
    Marine Information Technology Corp
  • A leader in the field of
    marine reserch and technology services
    Marine Information Technology Corp
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Our already solid track record in the marine technology service and coastal engineering sectors.

  • 01


    MIT has become a leader in the field of offshore wind farm site selection and approval, as well as geophysical and geotechnical surveys based on its experience of successfully carrying out various projects such as submarine cable design and exploration, aggregates and O&M, etc.

  • 02


    Marine Information Technology Corporation utilizes the most advanced technology, and since its establishment, has carried out precise hydrographic surveys in major ports) nationwide, coastal waters in the East Sea, South Sea, and West Sea, trade ports, national fishing ports, inland rivers, as well as in the rivers of the EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zone).

  • 03


    Examination of ocean hydraulic phenomena through marine geophysics (tidal, tidal currents, waves, suspended sediment and seabed quality) and ocean chemistry investigations
    Determination of the causes of coastal topographic changes and establishment of a system of countermeasures through coastal erosion monitoring, and satellite information monitoring
    Continuous collection and analysis of ocean observation data by building a coastal remote observation system

  • 04


    Conducting numerical modeling of ocean circulation, sediment movement, suspended sediment transport, and water exchange rates to characterize coastal development and hydraulics
    Wave deformation and constant temperature numerical modeling for designing coastal structures
    Storm-surge and tsunami modeling in preparation for marine disasters, and risk assessment of coastal structures
    Marine renewable energy evaluation and power plant recycling evaluation

  • 05


    Various surveying projects such as GPS satellite surveying, national reference point precision surveying, public surveying and river surveying
    Acquire data (investigations, exploration and surveys) necessary for urban-based planning, facility management and build database
    Expeditious acquisition of high-precision results with uniform accuracy over a vast area, and observation of inaccessible and dangerous areas by using aerial technology, and analysis of 3D spatial information and city modeling
    Establishment of imaging data that can be used in various fields through geometric, radiometric, and atmospheric correction of image data, and attribute information recorded in aerial and satellite images

  • 06


    Development of marine prediction and coastal disaster prevention systems, and a marine artificial intelligence model
    Development of video data analysis technology, analysis of oceanic big data, establishment of artificial intelligence learning data, and development of application software
    Ramping up the efficiency and competitiveness of maritime disaster response technology and incorporating new digital technologies


Marine Information Technology has considerable experience and a solid track record, both at home and abroad,
and continuously drives R&D and practical applications of core technologies in each field.

  • Korea Electric Power Corporation

    Basic design service for subsea cable installation linked to offshore wind farm in coastal waters


  • Korea Electric Power Corporation

    #3HVDC submarine cable route basic investigation service


  • Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries

    National fishing port hydraulic phenomenon investigation service


  • Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation of Kunsan National University

    Offshore wind turbine test bed construction project and basic data investigation and supportive structure detail design service


  • Korea Hydrographic and Oceanographic Agency

    Survey of coastline change


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We have invested heavily in observation and marine surveying equipment necessary for performing specialized technical services.

  • Surveying equipment

    Depth surveys (multi-beam, single-beam)

    SONIC 2024/2022(R2SONIC), Seabat 7125(Reson), Hydeotrac(Odom), PS-20R(KAJIO), AquaRuler200T/200S(SonarTech)

    • Performance

      Depth surveys

    • Characteristics

      Installed and operated on the ship used for marine research

  • Surveying equipment

    Ocean floor surface image exploration


    • Performance

      Ocean floor relic exploration, rescue operations, etc.

    • Characteristics

      3 Beams(8 elements) per side

  • Surveying equipment

    Sub-bottom geological exploration (high frequency, low frequency)

    High frequency: Z-TAM (Sonartech) Low frequency: Sparker (SIG)

    • Performance

      Undersea relic exploration, seabed resource exploration, etc.

    • Characteristics

      Installed and operated on the ship used for marine research

  • Surveying equipment

    Magnetic exploration


    • Performance

      Sea floor relic exploration, sea floor resource exploration, hazardous materials detection, facility management, etc.

    • Characteristics

  • Surveying equipment

    Unmanned aerial surveys (UAVs, drones)

    UX5 HP(Trimble),eBee(senseFly), Phantom-2 Vision+N(DJ)

    • Performance

      Route surveys, complex development, shoreline surveys, construction surveys, established surveys (periodic monitoring), etc.

    • Characteristics

      High-precision, quick, single survey over a large area

  • Surveying equipment

    Ground surveys

    Vibro-Core, CPT

    • Performance

      Offshore wind farm site surveys, submarine cable route surveys

    • Characteristics

      Vibro-Core: 조사지역 지층의 해저퇴적물의 수직적인 변화양상을 직접적으로 육안으로 확인

  • Observation equipment

    Wide-area current · Wave observation

    Ocean Radar(WERA)

    • Performance

      Wide-area surface current and wave observation

    • Characteristics

      Semi-permanent observation after installation

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All employees of our company do their best for customer satisfaction.

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