Main Contents

Conducting numerical modeling of ocean circulation, sediment movement, suspended sediment transport, and water exchange rates to characterize coastal development and hydraulics
Wave deformation and constant temperature numerical modeling for designing coastal structures
Storm-surge and tsunami modeling in preparation for marine disasters, and risk assessment of coastal structures
Marine renewable energy evaluation and power plant recycling evaluation

Major modeling fields and numerical models possessed

Fields Models possessed
Ocean circulation modeling POM, ECOM, EFDC, ADCIRC, SELFE, ROMS, FLOW3D, Delft-3D, MOHID
Wave deformation modeling SWAN, WAM, BOUSS2D, WADEM, MSEM, CADMAS-SURF
Sediment movement modeling ECOMSED, EFDC, SNL-EFDC, SBEACH, Delft-3D, MOHID
Storm-surge modeling ADCIRC, SELFE, CEDAS(ACES, EST)
Tsunami modeling RAY-tracing model, TSUNAMI Model
Water quality and ecosystem modeling CE-QUAL-ICM, EFDC, WASP7, Delft-3D, MOHID

Major Business

Radiation environmental impact assessment, ocean survey, and ocean diffusion modeling

Determination of spatial characteristics related to water temperature and currents in the waters surrounding the Korean peninsula, which are affected by the operation of the power plants, based on ocean circulation modeling

Long-term investigation of changes in ocean arising from tidal power plant operation (2nd stage)

Identification of currents and topographical characteristics of the surrounding waters, which are affected by the operation of tidal power plants, and prediction of future changes

Evaluation of storm-surge and wave prediction technology, and wave overtopping preparedness technology

Improvement of the stability and efficiency of storm-surge and wave integrated prediction numerical models, flood area prediction, and flood risk assessment through storm and tsunami modeling

Numerical experimental analytical research for creating flood forecast maps for the east coast

Flood area prediction and flood risk assessment based on earthquake and tsunami modeling