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MIT has become a leader in the field of offshore wind farm site selection and approval, as well as geophysical and geotechnical surveys based on its experience of successfully carrying out various projects such as submarine cable design and exploration, aggregates and O&&M, etc.

Major Areas

  • WTG & Cable Route
        -Geophysical Survey
        -Licenses/permits related to geotechnical surveys
  • Licenses and permits related to public waters
  • Consultation on the sea area use
  • Cultural property surface surveys
  • Consultation on marine spatial suitability
  • Investigation of submarine cable routes
  • Follow-up investigation
  • Offshore civil engineering investigation
  • Subsea resource development
  • Geological and stratum structure studies
  • Creation of a site for offshore wind farms

Major Business

#3HVDC submarine cable investigation and design technology service

Conducting cone penetration testing (CPT) and vibrocoring to investigate coastal and seabed topography, and to identify the status of seabed stratum for selection of optimal submarine cable routes

Survey of the 154kV Hwawon-Anjwa submarine cable routes in the subsea cable capacity expansion project

Providing the basic data for design and construction through marine surveys and piston core sampling in the submarine cable routes

Basic investigation of offshore wind power generation project and license/permit service - basic investigation of submarine cables

Identification of physical and mechanical characteristics through seabed topography survey as a basic investigation of offshore wind power generation project and the detailed survey based on CPT and vibrocoring

Submarine cable construction surveying and detailed design service

Surveying and exploring land and sea sections with the latest equipment, and based on that, selecting the optimal route for submarine cables, and determining the most suitable construction method