Main Contents

Various surveying projects such as GPS satellite surveying, national reference point precision surveying, public surveying and river surveying
Acquire data (investigations, exploration and surveys) necessary for urban-based planning, facility management and build database
Expeditious acquisition of high-precision results with uniform accuracy over a vast area, and observation of inaccessible and dangerous areas by using aerial technology, and analysis of 3D spatial information and city modeling
Establishment of imaging data that can be used in various fields through geometric, radiometric, and atmospheric correction of image data, and attribute information recorded in aerial and satellite images

Major Areas

  • Geodetic surveys / geographic information surveys
  • Management and exploration of urban infrastructure
  • Utilization of 3D spatial information and city information construction system
  • Remote sensing image processing and analysis
  • Unmanned aerial surveys (UAVs, drones)
  • Industrial complex surveys and design
  • Marine aggregate resource surveys
  • Special exploration (submarine piping, etc.)

Major Business

Coastline change survey and beach status survey

Establishing a standardized coastline by continuously investigating coastline changes and providing it as public data (coastline numerical files, beach status surveys, statistical information, etc.)

Map image rendering service, using drones

Building a high-precision spatial information (orthogonal imaging, numerical topographic maps) platform by using the latest technologies, such as drones and MMS

Establishment and utilization of 3D recording of world heritage sites

Permanent preservation through the recording of 3D data on world heritage sites, and provision of services to the public through system linkage

Hyperspectral aerial imaging for remote monitoring of algae

Development and application of an image-based algal remote monitoring technique that enables the identification of the changes in algal behavior in terms of flow and width

Pine wilt disease surveillance project using unmanned aerial vehicles

Securing data on the location of dead trees with pine wilt disease through unmanned aerial vehicle surveillance; determining the fleet sites; and mapping out disaster prevention plans